This Drink May Help You to Eliminate Knee and Joint Pain in Just 7 Days

While joint pain can be caused by excessive use, arthritis, loss of bone density, and injury, it can also indicate a nutritional deficiency. If you experience daily pain and can’t identify the cause, this is a good place to start. We have a smoothie recipe that will not only soothe joint irritation, it will make you happy because it tastes so good.


Inflammation is actually a bodily defense mechanism that’s meant to seal off an afflicted part of the body so that whatever the problem is doesn’t spread. However, chronic inflammation causes more problems than it solves. Inflammation that doesn’t go away is generally called an autoimmune disorder. When there is no infection to fight but inflammation persists, the result is pain, stiffness, and potential loss of function of the affected joints.
Chronic inflammation may also push your joints out of position, causing muscle strain. The muscles then eventually rebuild around the misplaced joint in an attempt to stabilize it, and none of this is comfortable. At that point, you are also likely to experience pain in other parts of your body because of the misaligned joint.

Ingredient Spotlight

The star of pineapple for joint complaints is bromelain. This anti-inflammatory compound is commonly recommended for people with arthritis because it reduces swelling in soft tissue injuries. Other great features of pineapple include the all-star vitamin – C, as well as manganese, copper, fiber, and B vitamins.
Speaking of vitamin C, orange juice helps keep ligaments and tendons strong, which is great for joint support. Its antioxidant properties lessen oxidative stress as a result of free radical damage. The flavonoids and carotenoids work to support blood vessel cells and inhibit the inflammatory response, leading to less pain. OJ also has magnesium and calcium to contribute to joint health, making it just awesome all around.

Rolled Oats

Whole grains like oatmealkeep inflammation at bay because they are resistant starches. This is a type of carb that passes undigested through your system, feeding healthy gut bacteria rather than your whole body. The healthy bacteria produce a fatty acid that makes for more efficient fat oxidation, which leads to less inflammation. You’ll also get a fair bit of iron per serving, shoring up another common deficiency associated with joint pain.
Honey is a delicate sweet flavor that packs a real antioxidant punch. It has also been used as medicine over thousands of years, for ailments as diverse as coughs and skin infections. Mixed with apple cider vinegar, honey is a common natural pain reliever for joint pain. We think our smoothie tastes better, though! You still get all the nutritional benefits of honey’s antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals plus a nice sweetness and smooth texture.

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